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We are bummed!

Version 19.3 released this week, revolutionizing cyclist safety in the intersection. Unhappily, we now must detour a smidgen through Operating System (OS) Land to exact the OS code appearing in 1 of 20 or so existing Processors. Our VP of Technology, Jeff Price, explains it in more detail here.

To be concise: we extensively tested 19.3 on hundreds of Processors, but there are multiple OS versions in the world. They are all being classified by GRIDSMART as we move forward to prevent this in the future.

We could walk you through a 2-step process that guarantees success, but at GRIDSMART we are one click to excellence. We would rather be bummed that 19.3 is not fully out than to inconvenience even one customer. 19.3 will not be available on our website for a couple of weeks. It will take us a day to make a permanent correction and a few weeks to test it. The correction must be validated before we fully release, and our engineers are working around the clock.

If you just cannot wait for 19.3, that puts a smile on my face. Reach out to your FAE; they will come out and personally update your Processor to 19.3. We will do the 2-step update process, and you will have 19.3! Otherwise, we will keep you updated, and you will be able to download 19.3 and implement your update the GRIDSMART way in a few weeks.

For now, I will borrow a napkin, wipe the egg off my face, apologize for the false start, thank you for your patience, and invite you to use your FAE to get all the features of 19.3 if you are ready to roll today.


Bill Malkes
VP, General Manager, and Founder of GRIDSMART

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