The GRIDSMART Field Application Engineer (FAE) Organization is geographically based to provide direct customer support. The FAEs three primary responsibilities are customer training, installation support, and post-sales technical support. 

All FAEs receive quarterly product training on GRIDSMART Products, enabling them to provide our customers with the industry’s best-in-class technical support. Additionally, weekly conference calls are held between the GRIDSMART FAEs and GRIDSMART Engineering to address any customer issues and receive real-time updates on both software and hardware errata. 

All GRIDSMART FAEs are IMSA Level Three Certified. Not only do they provide best-in-class technical support on the GRIDSMART Products, they have a strong understanding of industry standards, including state and local requirements. Another advantage of having a geographically based technical support organization is the opportunity for relationships. 

GRIDSMART FAEs develop a strong working relationship with our customers’ traffic signal technicians and understanding of their traffic cabinet, ensuring quick installation and interoperability with all the equipment in the traffic cabinet. Because the GS2 can be connected to the customer network to provide real-time actuation, data, and situational awareness information, the GRIDSMART FAE has received TCP/IP and Network training to support GS2 interoperability with the customer network. 

As GRIDSMART has grown, so have the needs for quality technical support. GRIDSMART has invested and will continue to invest in a geographically deployed FAE Organization to ensure we provide our customers with the industry’s best-in-class technical support. Because WE ARE REAL, and we are committed to delivering service that is unmatched.

Written by:

Carl Shaw, GRIDSMART Director Technical Services
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