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The evolution from the Legacy to the GS2 Processor was taken with a lot of time and thought when it came to what we wanted our product to personify, and we knew our hardware needed to be tough. The Legacy Processor was GRIDSMART’s first product to launch. As with many start-up companies, the focus was on getting a great idea into the hands of customers and see how customers would respond. Although the Legacy Processor came in various sizes and position configurations, they all looked like a square box made out of 1/16” aluminum sheet metal. These thin sheets had seams and could be dented or bent. They couldn’t offer any shaping capability other than to look like a box.

The focus on developing the GS2 Processor was to simplify, toughen, and make a product that GRIDSMART and their customers could look at and be proud of, something that personified the rugged outdoors in which the device would spend its life. The initial look of GS2 was achieved by sand casting the housing. This design allowed for a 50% increase in wall thickness. It eliminated all seams. It allowed for ruggedized exterior design ribs to be added, along with the embedded GRIDSMART logo. Aluminum ingots are heated to +1,250°F, poured into a casting mold, cooled, then heat-treated to toughen it further. The final look was imperfect, rugged, and extremely tough. Yet despite this tough exterior, the GS2 is smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the Legacy Processor.

When GRIDSMART began designing our STREETSMARTV2 product, we targeted the same tough family look to meet our hardware standards. Why? Because WE ARE TOUGH. Our products belong in a tough environment and represent the men and women that brave the elements to keep our intersections running smoothly in any kind of weather.

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