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Good day all.

Wow! It has been an amazing year, and it’s only June. We have evolved from the generic handle “Aldis” (in reverence to Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis, an inventor of visual signaling devices) to GRIDSMART® Technologies, Inc., or GRIDSMART. Our esteemed users had their 1.5 billionth vehicle pass through a GRIDSMART controlled intersection in one of twenty-two countries. And while there is so much more on the way in the next seven months, today is about moniker evolution and our new website.

Aldis was our company name, but as familiar as the iconic bell camera is, GRIDSMART has always been the brand. In 2015, it became more so than ever before. GRIDSMART not only makes your intersections and highways effective, safer and more efficient, it has become your go-to source for data collection with its Counts Module (soon to be Performance Module), vehicle tracking and its own novel intersection view. GRIDSMART is now the only identity that matters as the name Aldis, like the Aldis signal lamp, fades into history.

All this progress aside, and consistent with the famous GRIDSMART company pillars of Simplicity, Flexibility and Transparency, I am thrilled to introduce our new website where all the best of GRIDSMART lives in harmony at a single location. At the new GRIDSMART.com, you’re just a click away from all of your GRIDSMART clouds assets like designer, quick start and installation guides. Helpful “how-to” video resources are live on the same page.

Download the latest software and check out upcoming webinars just as easily. Sync your laptop to all of your sites right at GRIDSMART.com by launching directly into GRIDSMART Cloud. Of course, you can stay up to date with all GRIDSMART related social media, including our popular Freak Speak blog, right from the homepage.

We are Traffic Control Freaks.

So bookmark that home page, subscribe to Freak Speak and be ready for a toolbox designed for you by GRIDSMART: open APIs, virtual DVRs, rich and flexible data and a homepage that’s easier to use. And as always, let us know what we can do to make your life easier.

– The Traffic Control Freaks at GRIDSMART

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